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September 24, 2004


For Immediate Release




RESCUE / doubtful   ISBN 1-4137-2927-4


Chuck Robbins, local Northwest Arkansas author, announces the release of his new book, “RESCUE/doubtful  a South Seas Adventure, published by PublishAmerica, of Baltimore, MD


Chuck Robbins, a sixty seven year old man who is legally blind, brings forth the spirit of adventure, of love and survival of the South Seas, written in his ‘southern down home country style’.


After losing most of his eyesight several years back, and limited as to what he could do, he turned to writing.  His down-home flair of southern talking makes reading his books unique.  He writes the way he talks, smooth and easy. 


Always a storyteller and dreamer, he puts these talents into his books. He says in all his books you will find Adventure, Happiness, Sadness, Romance, Humor, and yes, Sex.  He tries to write as life is, and in everyone's life, you will find these things.


His next book “Reluctant HeroA Military Saga is now at the publisher and hopefully will be available by early spring.  This will be followed by, “Sun Rises, over TexasA Texas Lady Survival, which is being proofed at this time.


Robbins says that he finds writing exciting, challenging, and a lot of fun, but that is where the fun ends.  His big problem is proofing the books, for Robbins, due to his visual problem, can only read one word at a time.  Nancy, his wife, usually proofreads for him.  When he sits at the computer and writes, he says he does so from his head to his fingers, not watching the screen of his computer.


He advises that he found a friend in the computer.  It allows him to work at his most efficient speed, never gets upset when he makes mistakes and allows him to correct them easily.  Difficult to see the black text on white background, he reverts his screen, making it a black background with white or light color text, which he then enlarges. 


PublishAmerica provides complimentary review copies to legitimate media reviewers who submit their request in writing or fax 301-631-9073 with his or her request.            RESCUE/doubtful – ISBN 1-4137-2927-4