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Chuck Robbins

(with Bear & Mikki, the boys )


About the Author:

Chuck (this is the name he is known by)...  Chuck Robbins, A 66 year old native of Texas, now living in north west Arkansas with his  wife, Nancy and their two Pomeranian  dogs, Bear & Mikki, a family man of five and three grown grandsons. Although handicapped with a visual problem (legally blind), he has turned to writing books.

An adventures young man who joined the Army at the young age of 16 and  upon his discharge,  joined the Navy Where he served in the Pacific and on islands in the South Pacific. A well traveled man through out the world. After the service, he started in the work force at ground level, in many types of jobs, from driving a truck, in construction and on into Warehouse Supervisor, Material Manager and  Management. Then later he owned his own business.

At the age of 55 was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis), which caused him to lose most of his eyesight and became legally blind and was forced to retire . Unable to do much otherwise, he turned to the computer for the challenge and resources it offered.

On the computer he found that he could write;  with the ability to change, alter, correct or delete his mistakes with ease while doing so.  Always a dreamer,  a story teller,  the 'gift of gab',  he turned to writing short stories. Stories he had often  dreamed up for his own pleasure,  he found enjoyable and it offered the challenge he needed for his moral. Although it was hard work, especially since he could not see what he was typing, his vision only allowed him to read one word at a time instead of sentences. He therefore would type from his head  allowing his fingers to find their way on the keyboard, always a good typist this seem to work out well.  

Editing became the chore put on his wife, friends and neighbors. Since his wife wants everything to be proper grammar and correct, which is not always the way that he would write or be the way he wanted his story to read, it therefore at times  become a chore as to how to edit.

His friends and neighbors who read his stories encouraged him to write a book. Thus  'RESCUE / doubtful',   his  first book,  but there are two more in the making at this time. One of those hopefully will be finished by this summer titled 'So Young, So Brave a Hero',  with the third to follow shortly there after. 

The creation of his books are all fiction,  told in his 'down home' country style, some based on areas he has lived or been in,  some are just from his day dreams, as  mentioned earlier, he has always been a dreamer. Raised in southern county style he has maintained this in his speech and his writings.

A  traveled man who has been in or through parts of ever state in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Handicapped with only the lost of vision:  not his ability or the challenges of life. Life is like a poker hand, he is know to say,  "you take the hand that is dealt, how you play it is up to you."  Never one to lay down and say  'I Quit", nor does he plan to start now, instead he has grabbed onto this new challenge, he has turned to writing. His writing you will find is somewhat unique in a 'down home country' style.