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As all writers know ... to write a book does not just happen. You don't wake up one morning and say I am going to write a book, and then go and do it. At least it did not happen that way for me.

It took encouragement, nudging, prodding,  pushing and a daily drive from my family, friends & neighbors. They liked my stories (at least, said they did), and encouraged me to write a book, 'RESCUE / doubtful'  is that book.  Without these people's encouragement and urging me on, this book and others would never have been written. 

My acknowledgement goes to more than just my family, who I especially wish to thank, but to my neighbors and friends both near and far (Internet).  I especially wish to thank Mr. Martin Buckmaster, a retired police officer in the United Kingdom and a dear friend,  who helped me proof read the book.  Thanks Martin.

There is one more acknowledgement I wish to make, and that is to myself, for I have proved to myself, that motivation can and will keep you going,  a person needs a challenge and drive to keep them alive.

My most sincere THANKS go to all .....


Chuck Robbins