The Author's Bio

I am from a small southern town in south east Texas, or it was small when I lived there, Orange Texas:  part of what is call the 'Golden Triangle',  Orange, Beaumont & Port Arthur.

My parents were divorced when I was about 5 years old, they both remarried, so I had a split childhood. So I lived in a lot of different places, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas & California (to name a few).

During my teenage years I was a rowdy teen, but not a bad teen, I like excitement, adventure and action. I was fascinated with the past, not necessary my past, but things like History and the way people lived back in 'yesteryear', I loved to read and dream of by-gone days and what it was like. I had a good memory of 'facts' & 'figures' and won many a bet of some kind of facts that I recalled.

At the age of sixteen I was as tall, as strong and as big as a lot of men twice my age, and just itching to get out and see the world. I lied about my age and joined the US Army, serving two years with them. Upon my discharge, I stayed out thirty three days before I join the US Navy. I served all over the Pacific and south Pacific and made a world cruise, so I saw a lot of Europe as well.

I left the Navy to get married, not wanting to be in the service as a married man, but that didn't happen. So I traveled all over, doing all types of work. I drove trucks, cross country rigs, worked in construction and in warehouses, until I got tired of using my brawn and decided to use my brain. From there I took on positions as Foreman, Supervisor, Managers and on into middle Management and later I had my own business.

During all this time I manage to marry, raise a family, buy a home (actually several homes) and life was going good, that is until I reached the age of 55. then the MS hit me and I lost my eyesight, an operation was able to bring back some of it, but still it has changed all my plans for later life.


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