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Comments From the Author




         We don't control LIFE,  it controls us,  we only live it,  but how we live it is up to us.

        In my case life dealt me a hard thing to accept,  the loss of my eyesight. This came at the age of 55 due to MS (multiple sclerosis), just about the time I was about to retire and enjoy life.

        But that is the way life is, sometimes good and sometime bad. When you get the ball  you can do one of two things, you can fall to the ground and play safe,  or you can run and try  for a touchdown. Well, I'm still running !  I could complain (and often do), but so far I have found that does no good, so I try to be thankful of what I have. There are so many that are worse off than I.

        I am a normal  (well almost normal)  67 year old man, nothing special about me .. I am educated, but not a college grad.  I am well traveled,  been a lot of places,  done a lot of things,  loved most of them and maybe regretted a couple, knowledgeable in world matters, talented in the sense of 'jack of all trades', yet I have no claim to fame ... NOT YET.

        In all my work history, I have never been one to lay down and quit.  There is little I can do now without help,  what I can do usually takes me a while, but it gets done. 

        I found a good friend in the computer,  here I can do what I want,  when I want, and how I want.  On the computer I can move at my most efficient speed,  it is not impatient with me,  and it  allows me to make mistakes and still be able to correct them. 

        Reading my books you will find that I may not be the professional and skillful writer that you are use to.  You will no doubt find many errors in grammar.  I am just an old down home country boy and I write as I talk,  it may not always be correct,  but I think you will find it understandable.

        In my books I hope you will find  Adventure, Happiness, Sadness, Romance, Humor and yes,  Sex.  I try to write as life is,  and in everyone's life you will find these things.

        Read my books and I hope you like them,  if you do then tell your friends.  If you don't, then I'm sorry ... but you just can not please everybody.

        To you other Authors, I must apologies that I will not be reading your books ... at least not until they come out as  'audio books'.

        Peace be with you, and enjoy life as you find it ... it is the only one you will get.


Chuck Robbins