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 "RESCUE / doubtful"

Yeoman 2nd class Jody Lee, in transit back to Pearl Harbor from the Gilbert island,  falls overboard from the USS Nellibe, a navy cargo vessel. Ships officer, Lt. Hunter sees her fall, and goes in to the water in a attempt to save her.

He gets her totally exhausted body into a life raft, only to be knocked unconscious when he falls, leaving now two unconscious bodies in the raft with a storm coming. Being awoke by the storm, the young woman now finds that it is she, the rescued, who must now secure and save the Lieutenant during this storm.

The storm pushes the small lift raft far from the search area, the girl awakes, only to find that they had wash up on a rocky volcanic atoll surround by high cliffs. When  able to scale the cliffs they discovered a grave. Question is who is in the grave, but bigger question, who buried the person in the grave.

They soon discover that the island is not all volcanic rock, but contains an area of a  beautiful tropical paradise:  another person a young woman. A young woman who has been stranded there for over two years after her husband had been killed and their boat sunk. This was to have been their island farm, but had turned out to be her prison.

Surveying the situation, Lt. Hunter determines that survival on the island is favorable, but survival would required techniques they had never use. In addition to their wants, need and desires, a tough issue they must all faced, as to how long they will be on the island. so three strangers must now learn to live and love together.

Lieutenant Hunter had to admit, not only to his self, but to the others also, that their chance of  Rescue: / doubtful.


book two :


  "Reluctant Hero"


In the small Texas town of Centertown, Joe Key a lad of 16 is told by his girl friend's father that he can no longer see or talk with her. Respecting her father's wishes sends Joe away,  although she loves Joe very much, she is afraid of what her father might do to Joe.

Joe unable to cope with the idea of not seeing or talking with her, feeling rejected and knowing he is unwanted at home by his mother,  leaves the town.

Not knowing what to do, or where to go, he soon finds his self in front of a Marine recruiting office in Dallas. reading the big recruiting sign that say "I Want You". Although only sixteen, he is big for his age, "okay you want me, well no one else does" he thinks, so he chances his luck and using another's identification Joe manages to join the Marines. 

Where he soon ends up in the far away land of Vietnam in the midst of one hell of a war. In one such battle, although wounded he stands up against uncountable odds, knowing that death is coming, but with fear driving him on, he fights for his life.