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Upcoming books

(summer & fall 2004)


Guy & Jessie   

The story of a young couple from Tennessee in the late 1800s, who moved into Texas built a ranch and the start of an empire. Of their struggle, hardships and sadness. Guy was determine to build an empire for his family, only to be killed, leaving a young widow, mother to three who knew nothing of the business world, but was determine to hold on to, manage and continue to build what her husband had started. Her struggle to cope with being a single mother and a business woman, building a large empire.


Tucker's Valley

The adventures of a man of modern day trying to live in the shoes of his great-great grandfather. The life struggle of the early settlers of the Ohio river valley. Living and fighting with the Indians, protecting his family and securing for them the vast valley soon to be known as TUCKER'S  VALLEY.


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